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We are the luxury and finest chauffeured transportation in Costa Rica.

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Real Estate

Costa Rica’s stunning natural beauty and abundance of wildlife is matched only by the warm hearted and peace-loving people who call this paradise home. The unique combination tropical rainforests, stunning beaches, active volcanoes, some of the worlds most breathtaking rivers, waterfalls, and other dazzling natural phenomenon have made Costa Rica a mecca for travellers from all walks of life, looking to rediscover the natural wonders which inspire us all. In recent years, Costa Rica has also become increasingly re-known for its investment potential, stable democracy, inexpensive cost of living, first class health care system, and overall lifestyle it can offer the international community.

The fusion of the unmatched natural backdrop with an investment environment of enormous potential has investors, retirees, as well as vacationers from all over the globe flocking to seize on the opportunities to own their own piece of this tropical paradise. At Terratica Real Estate, our staff of brokers with experience in the country are here to help educate you about the country as a whole, as well as to help focus your search for the property that suits your vision for investment. Our VAST portfolio of properties includes Costa Rica’s most exclusive and profitable development opportunities as well as wide array of residential homes, condos and lots in virtually every location imaginable.

Paradise awaits you and our staff looks forward to opening a dialogue concerning your interest in this marvellous country.

We are the luxury and finest chauffeured transportation in Costa Rica.

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